SLUTWALK Toronto 2014By now you have probably heard of SlutWalk, the worldwide series of protest marches against the victim-blaming of sexual assault survivors. The movement was founded three years ago, right here in Toronto, after a local police officer suggested York University students not dress “like sluts” if they wanted to avoid rape. A group of activists responded by organizing the first SlutWalk to challenge the idea that assault is linked to style of dress, and that the responsibility for crime prevention lies with the victims, rather than with those committing the assault.

Join us on Saturday, July 12th at 3pm for the 2014 Toronto SlutWalk. Meet us at Nathan Phillip Square at 3pm. From there we’ll be marching north up University Avenue to Queen’s Park, with speeches  from 4-5pm.

SlutWalk Toronto takes place this Saturday with special guest speakers Monica Forrester, Blu Waters, Jeff Perera, Akia Maroon, Flo Jo, and Kira Andry will speak. There is no required dress code, and all participants who want to see an end to rape culture and victim-blaming are welcome.  For more details, see