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Meet Stephanie Joanne fitness woman extraordinaire. Stephanie is easily one of the busiest women I have ever met. She entered the fitness industry in 2001 and has since become a personal trainer, club consultant, Fitness Expert to CityLine, and studio owner. Most importantly, Stephanie is recognized as a respected expert in the fitness industry, who is driven to create powerful, healthy clients.
Stephanie started on the corporate side of sales. She worked for a major fitness company and quickly rose through the ranks. However, after this success, she realized that one of her favourite parts of working in fitness was missing from her life – connecting with clients. She rediscovered her main passion after making a brave decision to follow her heart and trust that following her passions would lead her to live a more well-rounded life.
Stephanie began training people again. Her clients range from the cast of Degrassi to the news personalities at CityLine. She soon found herself in front of the camera. It was the beginning of a new passion for her, as she loved the camera. And it clearly loved her back. She was on a mission without the desire to achieve on her own. Stephanie led the way in the industry while also mentoring those who share her vision of a healthier, happier world.


Her fierce business drive and eye for marketing caught the attention of the industry’s most recognized and trusted brands. She was sought after due to her double-edged ability to work behind the scenes to create, design, and implement campaigns along with her natural ability in front of the camera.
It became more for Stephanie than being the next “fitness girl.” She began to gain a trusting audience by being her authentic, and what she calls, “raw” self. She strongly believes that the public is being diverted from achieving the level of health they deserve. Stephanie believes that each person has a special program that is as unique as they are to the world. These ideas led Stephanie to form Eleven Lifestyle, which is composed of fitness experts that choose to collaborate instead of compete. Through individual consultation, she helps her clients find the right way for them to achieve a healthy lifestyle. She doesn’t push the “Stephanie Joanne” way. The right way is finding the program that motivates the client to work on their health. There is no magic diet or five-minute workout. Stephanie uses her platforms and practitioners to help her clients find a method that works for them.
Her honesty as an expert assists people in regaining control over their own bodies in order to achieve their goals. Her empowerment creates a base for her clients to succeed. Stephanie is driven by helping her clients build a lifestyle that they can love. And for that, we have no hesitation in reciprocating her enthusiasm.