PRODUCT Toronto - Joshua-Mckellar
Who is this man, this mystery? -This man of shroud existence and barefaced essence. Who is this man with charm and animal magnetism?- The articulated essence of Timberland? The footwear and outerwear brand who made its name experimenting with a pair of waterproof boots using leather nobody wanted, featuring a stamp that defaced the same leather with the Timberland logo. Who was it who fell into the role by a kind of silent nudge of force? A man with humility and dedication, a man who transforms himself into a vital part of each company who employs him. Who gives all he has to offer ensuring the forward progression of the company? This man is Josh Mckellar.
He is on the Marketing team at Timberland as the Marketing Manager for Canada. The brand’s image is different here because Canadians are not the same as Americans – he caters to that. He was hired because he hadn’t worked in fashion; he had fresh eyes – something that is an asset when you’re in a rut. Timberland wasn’t doing well. It saw its best days in the mid nineties when the company tripled its sales, a result caused by American Hip Hop culture. It was the natural yellow boots called The Timberland, and the rappers loved them. These are the same boots Timberland took a risk on in 1973 – the same boots that help define the brand. Timberland took a risk again five years ago hiring Josh; the man without fashion experience, to offer insight and a solution after the economy went bad along with company numbers. The risk has paid off. Since then, the company has regained its status as one of the most popular shoe brands in North America. It’s celebrating the birth of the 6-inch Timberland with a limited run of one thousand nine hundred seventy three ”Souped- up” reproductions of the original boot.
It was 1999 when Josh went back to school. “I was one of those kids who was like: I get school, but I don’t really love school ‘cause I kinda know what I want to do, and the classes they want me to take don’t really fit in with what I want to do.” He chose Seneca College because they had a two year program. He wanted to do the minimum amount of time; not out of cowardice but of gumption. It has taken fourteen years to get to where he’s at, and he’s earned it. Like most, he started at the bottom. He began as a sales representative selling fire safety equipment for Kidde. Then, he took a position in marketing at Moscow, a company who deals in decorative plumbing fixtures who at the time was developing water efficient faucets and shower heads.
The curious man called the Marketing Manager at Timberland, the company that has a Nutritional label printed on the bottom of each boot which outlines the environmental footprint needed to make each boot. He was the one who approached Timberland, not for a job, but for information about their green ways. It was that contact that led to his invitation to apply for the position of Marketing Manager of Canada.