In-The-City-Shannon-TebbIn today’s fast-paced society, more and more singles have turned to matchmakers in their quest to find romance. Whether they’re too busy, too shy, or just tired of online dating – the convenience and comfort of hiring a matchmaker outweighs the effort of traditional dating.
Who better to call than Shannon Tebb? As a glorified matchmaker, certified life coach, and founder of Shanny in the City – a leading dating resource in Toronto – she’s there for you when you need a real life Cupid. Whether she’s hosting parties, conducting extensive background checks, being your “wingwoman,” or teaching essential life skills – as a headhunter for the heart, she gives her clients the support and tools needed to attract that special someone – from dating etiquette to role-playing and fashion and beauty tips.
In-The-City-Shannon-Tebb-3When asked about her motivation to start her business that has garnered her expert appearances in some of Canada’s top media outlets, Shanny explained that she’s always been the go-to for relationship advice – for both the men and women in her life. “One day I realized [that] the need and opportunity was there; and so I chose to make a career out of it.”
Shanny takes a 360-degree approach to her business. With a sociology degree from Carleton and life skills coaching certificate from George Brown, she works with a number of clientele that range from divorcees to someone with self-esteem issues. “I help people find love by first teaching them to love themselves.”
According to Shanny, “Everyone is running in the rat race and rushing from one place to another. We don’t even take the time to look at the person sitting next to you. When you want to meet someone you need to be open, flirty, and engaging. Open your body so that you give off an eligible presence.”
For places to meet singles, Shanny suggests well-populated after work hangouts like the Hideout patio (in the summer), the Keg on York St., and Rock Lobster. She also claims that any dog park or sporting event is a great place to start up a conversation. Shanny encourages scanning event listings and choosing an event that interests you. “Whether you go alone or with a friend, the chance you’ll find people with common interests is high.”
With new business ventures in the works, Shannon is sure to be helping people find love for quite some time. To learn more about Shannon and get a full list of her services, visit