PRODUCT 10 brings you Sammy Younan the man behind NEWMUSIC TEN (and oh so many other things). Included is an exclusive mix Sammy created for us, check it out below and enjoy getting to know one of Toronto’s Great PRODUCTs!
We originally sat down with Sammy back in Issue 4 and he has become one of our biggest supporters and friends. Thank you Sammy and well everyone else for that matter. Thank you, thank you!
We kick off the proceedings with a fun groove.

Daphni’s “Yes I Know” is what happens when you put Moby and Motown into a blender…sprinkle a bit of Daft Punk and serve for many. Those horns get me every time!
Cody ChestnuTT keeps the soul flowing and grooving. You may remember Cody from the Roots song The Seed 2.0? Either way enjoy this sincere ode to Moms. Much respect.
Welcome to band naming in the Google era: they’re called Everyone. Good news is you don’t have to google em, great news is this beat is sick. Let it wash over you like a warm sonic wave.

Move Closer is a subtle cover, it gently pulsates and radiates…don’t rush through this one. Let it linger, let it sit with you, the way take out deliciously smells up your car. Feist fans will dig it for true.

Bjork is up next….it’s, well um, Bjork. 30 seconds of Bjork never hurt anybody right?
Firehorse is a Brooklyn based band slash talent. I went with a run remix of one of my favourite songs Our Hearts. The remix adds some urgency and extra pep to the original.
Lucius! I saw these ladies do a strip down acoustic set…you need to do the same. Go see them live, all kinds of mad harmonies, strong women are sexy.
Basia Bulat…ok my confession is I have trouble pronouncing her name. What I don’t have trouble with is the way the drums push this beat like a train with no brakes. Either you get on and enjoy the ride or the get outta the way. Cho Cho!
Moby like James Bond, like Doctor Who is back! This track is classic Moby, more atmosphere than a hipster coffee shop, moody like a grounded emo teenager it totally fits in with his work Play and 18 albums.
Big Black Delta closes the party…with a flourish. 80s influenced without the awful outfits. Dancing shoes required.
Thanks Product magazine for allowing me to add some sonic sass to your website!



As much as I dig Sunshine I’m going with a balcony at the Tate Modern
in London, UK. I can get a spot of tea and sip it slooowly on this
outstanding balcony, attached to such an impressive art gallery,
gazing at all of London. Fresh artwork, sweet tea, London…only way
that day could get better is if I’m not wearing pants.


Honestly? Spider-Man! 1) dude is a superhero 2) he’s got more problems
than I do, which gives us both perspective and 3) he’s Spider-Man!
Used to roll with Batman but he’s so moody, couldn’t deal with it.


Storytelling stand up comics. Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Robin
Williams, Bill Cosby, George Carlin etc. If you can successful inject
humour into a narrative, rather than a rimshot punchline, you make my
funny bone dance dance dance.


Aww man…only one?! I dunno…Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,
maybe? Stranger That Fiction or Tombstone? Kiss Kiss Bang Bang shoulda
got more love. Oh…Before Sunrise? After Sunset? Always get those
titles confused. The first one is Ethan Hawke meets a pretty girl on a
train. That one is cool, but it’s the second one, Sunset maybe…I dig
that one even more. That last scene is the Gold Standard. Pretty
French girl making you tea, in her apartment in Paris, Nina Simone on
the stereo: that’s the Gold Standard. I salute that film ending
anytime it’s on tv.


Cell phones and walking! Honestly when you were younger did somebody
encourage you, did somebody make you believe that walking AND texting,
could be successfully combined? It’s called sideWALK. See how society
gives you two options there? Pick a side or walk, invest in humanity
by being aware of your surroundings and fellow human beings. Butthead.


Sarcastic! Actually we still are. So…maybe we’re still growing up?


Oh I was the worst kid. You know how before I’d go to somebody’s house
they’d have to Sammy-proof it by putting glass objects and other
fragile items up on higher shelves? I was that kid. I also liked to
bite. My biting philosophy was simple: if I didn’t like you I’d bite
you. And yeah, I still hang out with friends from childhood, to this
day and I’ve never bitten them. I stand by my biting judgments.


I’m going back to the first time I was in London. It was August, I
believe and it was their bank holiday or something and I didn’t know
this when I went there but not far from the city was the Reading
festival. Soon as I found out I bought a ticket for the first day and
jumped on the train. Check out the line up: Green Day, Run DMC, Lo
Fidelity Allstars, Moby, Iggy Pop, Strokes and more. Got to hear all
kinds of extraordinary music, brilliant Sunshine everywhere and met
all kinds of cool people.


Check out a non-profit called Raising The Village
( I dig em because it’s not the
traditional model of here comes the West to save the day. It’s more
about equipping people for sustainability. I’m really impressed by
that; it just makes more sense.


3 products come to mind, most helpful for creative artistic types: 1)
a book…Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon 2) a movie…a dvd of
Beauty is Embarrassing (the Wayne White story) 3) a tool…a deck of
Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies