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Influential, fierce, and fabulous – what better way to sum up Carcia and Telly Campbell. These sisters’ love of and dedication to all things art, music, fashion, and lifestyle have made them into two of Toronto’s hottest and most respected social influencers.

Known collectively as HerCastleGirls, their blog, It’sMusicFashionLife features fresh content, riveting reviews, and forward thinking with a close attention to personal style. The blog focuses less on trends and more on what makes someone or something unique – whether it’s a trendsetter before their time, celebrity inspiration, products that stand apart, or a quote that makes you think twice.

Here is PRODUCT Toronto’s web exclusive interview with the HerCastleGirls.

jenschenkel_product_web_exclusive044Why did you start blogging?

“We started blogging out of boredom. We were in corporate jobs that we hated and really needed a creative outlet where we could share our thoughts and ideas with the world. At first it was just a pastime, until one day someone called us and asked us to attend an event. After that, we knew we needed to continue coming up with fresh content to help maintain and grow our brand.”

What sets you apart from other fashion/lifestyle blogs?

“There are many perks as social influencers, so we really strive to be genuine and only share things that we truly believe in. Sometimes we turn down events or products because they are not suited to us – even if they are great products!  We really believe honesty and authenticity is the best policy.”

Social Media as an Effective Business Tool

With so many media platforms scrambling for our attention these days, the social media A-listers discussed what social sites they use to help grow their business:

“Instagram is our biggest tool right now. Photography is the way to go since nothing is faster or clearer than a photograph. You see it right away and know what we’re talking about. Everyone loves beautiful photography. Twitter also plays a key role, and Instagram helps bring Twitter to life.”


Shopping in Toronto

When asked about their favourite fashion hotspots in Toronto, HerCastleGirls shared some notable places to watch out for:

“The Homegrown Boutique. They only sell young Canadian designers. A large portion of the clothes come from right here in Toronto. It’s a great place to see what young designers are coming up with.”

“ReMIX Consignment on Queen is ideal for those who want their Chanel or Vuitton.”

“Definitely TSOQ. That’s where we go to find LA and New York edge. It’s loaded with great accessories and statement pieces.”

Inspirational Words

“Let go of fear – it’s what holds people back.  You don’t know till you try. Never compare yourself to others.”


[quote]“Do it. We live in a world where you can have more than one passion. When you get home you can find something else to do to influence others in your own way – whether it’s opening a Twitter account or starting a blog. You just need to find your medium and do something.”

“If it’s going to be someone, then why can’t it be you in your own way?”[/quote]


More Info

To learn more about Telly and Carcia visit:
Twitter: @her_castle
Instagram: tellyhercastle & carciahercastle

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