PRODUCT Toronto (9) (5)A vibrant and imaginative world of colour streaks through the background. A hard-lined and well-tailored suit looms in front, demanding attention. The work is instantly recognizable. The artist can only be Samara Shuter.

“Initiative is a big word in my vocabulary,” Samara explains, for she is constantly inspired by “risk-takers” and the people around her that “take pride” in what they do. She is attracted to the suit because is represents so much of the entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed, but Shuter also has an appreciation for the craftsmanship involved. The hard lines and symmetrical construction are particularly appealing to her, “There are certain elements that are required to make it a suit.” Samara is most thrilled by the “details” in a suit, finding new ways to make each appear unique, with an attitude all their own.

Shuter is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about artists in Toronto and internationally.  The young Canadian sells privately in the city and has agents in Miami, London, and New York, where she has a piece hanging in The Rockefeller Center and is featured in a gallery in Miami. Samara is slated to appear in Toronto’s own, The Artist Project, in February 2013, at The Better Living Centre in the Canadian National Exhibition Place. You can also look for Shuter to do some exciting collaborations in the near future. She says she is excited to “work on a team…and see how we could make projects together.”

Samara is originally from Montreal, but has fallen for the charms of Toronto. “It’s a great place to do what I’m doing, because I’ve been able to tap into so many different cultures.” Shuter has found new ideas and inspiration in the city, not to mention recognition. She proudly exclaims that “this is the city of opportunity in Canada.” Shuter encourages local artists to check out Gwartzman’s Art on Spadina Avenue.

PRODUCT Toronto (10) (5)

Shuter shares her works in progress through her website at She has released 99 limited edition prints of each of her works, which can be purchased by contacting her directly, and soon. For the distinctive and innovative pieces by this up-and-coming great are going quickly.