Thriving in what one loves is a goal we all aspire to, but few achieve. We make concessions or excuses; we allow our dreams and passions to take a back seat in favor of piratical goals which seem safer in the now. Chris Alexander is living without compromise. As editor-in-chief for Fangoria, as a musician, and as a film maker he is determined to create his vision his way. “I’ve always liked what I like. I’ve never wavered on that and I’ve always tried to find ways to express that.”
PRODUCT Toronto (32) (2)During his childhood, Chris found his “role models in rock ‘n’ roll and movies.” KISS gave Alexander his love of music and Fangoria was his film school. “A really rough, rock ‘n’ roll, uncouth film school, but that’s what it was.” Over the years he worked all over the entertainment industry, until a job in marketing at Warner gave Chris an inside and out education to the business and marketing of film. From there, he began “creating a brand of my own and then marketing that brand.” Today, Chris Alexander is the “go to” horror film guru.

As editor-in-chief, Chris has helped Fangoria reinvent itself for the new world. The magazine remains an edgy film school for the horror genre, but there is an added “nostalgia” for the smoke and mirror tricks horror depended on before the digital age.  However Fangoria does not fear the digital. It has been able to “exploit technology,” and grow into a worldwide behemoth. While the magazine is still based in New York City, Chris runs things from his home in Oakville, ads are primarily sold out of Los Angeles, and writers are working all over the globe.

Chris doesn’t restrict himself to his role at Fangoria. He has a comfortable musical career, scoring many horror projects including Joseph O’brian’s Devil’s Mile, set to be released this year, as well as an upcoming project with Larry Kent. Music For Murder, the quintessential Chris Alexander album is also available now through 2M1 Records.

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In addition to his musical career, Chris has found success with his own films. His most recent project, Blood for Irina has already received worldwide praise and will be released to the public on May 28. The film’s success has given Chris the opportunity to create the sequel, Queen of Blood. While this film will be larger, Chris is still focused on keeping his projects “small and personal.” He believes that creating projects that are “meaningful” to him is more important than any fame they might bring him later.

Chris Alexander has managed to “combine business and pleasure,” and find prosperity in the process. He is able to realize and pursue passion every day. There is no better way to define success.



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