It was an accident that I experienced the custom sound, a low twill that twists amongst a feeling of sorrow and lust that poured from two guitars in rhythm like two flowers afloat on a river of fog. A slow shrill of violin growled on shore and on they went in peaceful bout. This was Scarlett Jane- a musical persona created by Cindy Doire and Andrea Ramolo.

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Jane was the beginning, the everywoman and the simplicity behind the character. Scarlett took longer. After endless nights of texting back and forth, one wall between them, in their shared apartment, the sensual, vulnerable woman was born. “We came up with one woman’s name that we would embody as a duo….we sing in harmony and we write together. We are one female persona and we named her Scarlett Jane,” said Andrea.

With shows that range from two girls and two guitars to a full band, played from small intimate venues to sold-out shows in Europe, it’s a wonder that the pair maintain a soft heart. “We understand our sound, and feel solid in who we are and how we present ourselves as artists, from what we wear on stage at a show to how we address an interview, what our songs are about, where we travel, and who we do shows for,” Andrea explains.  Cindy, who plays a mix of bass and guitar adds, “It wasn’t until the fall of 2011 that we became inspired by our duo sound, which was taking shape into exactly what we wanted, without struggle to hear our individual voices, and still having intricate little parts that were lifting and filled with energy.”

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Scarlett Jane wrote their debut album “Stranger,” in Mexico and finished it in a secluded cabin, free from internet and cell phone service, in Northern Ontario. The detachment was good for their writing. “We force ourselves, and each other, to make the song as good as it can be. That’s why we are not sick of any of our songs.” explained Cindy. They both write the songs, and by the time a song is finished, they each have worked on it, but, “the best songs we have written on our album [are] the ones that we started and ended together. The songs are edited and reworked until it becomes a Scarlett Jane song,” said Cindy.

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Scarlett Jane played 27 shows in 33 days, while racing across Europe in a rented car, as part of a six-month tour where they performed over 100 shows. “We went away for almost six months, on tour, nonstop, and we really honed in on our individual craft, and how we play together,” Andrea reminisces. “We really have a rhythm. We connect musically. Our show got really tight really fast.” This summer they will tour Canada from east to west and will stop in mid-August to perform at one of its biggest folk festivals, The Edmonton folk Festival.