Fuel Nutrition_PRODUCT-1Fuel Nutrition might be just the thing to get rid of those last five pounds. It might also be the best meal delivery service out there. Fuel Nutrition delivers meals to your home to help you maintain a healthy a lifestyle without compromising your time. We all know how busy life can be and sometimes working out, grocery shopping, and preparing your meals just takes too much time.

Fuel’s creator, Bruce Waithe understood the difficulties that some people have in making the time to do all the things necessary to stay healthy. He was a personal trainer who started cooking for a few clients to help them out. From there, Fuel Nutrition became the obvious next step.

Bruce knows a thing or two about leading a healthy lifestyle. He became a personal trainer when he was 18. He also competed in aerobic fitness competitions. When I asked him how he lives his life now he replied with “I am my product.”

The product itself is amazing. Everything is locally sourced and organic. The meals are all gluten- and dairy- free. The meals consist of vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates. Don’t be fooled by how healthy everything sounds; the food is delicious. Each meal is handmade and delivered in reusable containers inside thermal bags. Everything is delivered in the morning so you can start your day on the right foot.

If you need help structuring a healthy lifestyle, Michelle Waithe – a holistic nutritionist – is on hand. She can offer advice on how to stay on track and achieve your goals.  Oh, and she is also Bruce’s sister.

Fuel Nutrition also offers juice cleanses to help rid your body of toxins. There are three- and five- day packages available that provide the client with all of the tools necessary to clean up the digestive system. Bruce does believe in ‘cheat’ meals by the way. I asked him if he ever eats anything fatty and he said once a week. He believes that it is important to incorporate a cheat meal into your week to create balance. If you don’t let yourself eat something bad you are more likely to fall off the wagon. He eats pizza on his cheat day. I can relate.