Editors 3(2)


Who are you interacting with and what are they doing? What are you doing here?

Life is the hardest thing we will know. The people we are surrounded by are the closest to anything genuine. The projects we work on and the way we make ourselves members of the moments around us will define how we make our marks. Good and kind. It’s not that we are done making mistakes; it’s more that we know we will be making them and then actively learn from them.

The support around us from family, friends, colleagues, and partners is what will make us stronger and we will all be better for the energy exchange. You can do a lot on your own – almost everything – but the limits disappear as soon as you join the right team and make your contribution whilst making your peace with everyone else’s.

We will not push aside our destiny and disregard la raison d’être. We will remember what has brought us to today and cherish the flaw and the fabulous of it all. It’s not important if you don’t make the time for it.

Get involved. Do better. Be alive and never let anyone put you down. Well, unless you deserve it.

We couldn’t be more grateful and honoured to have you in our lives.