Jose Cuervo Tequila Industry Night - Kyle Kofsky
It was a crazy spring day in Toronto as the team set out for the night. We were heading to El Catrin in the Distillery District to celebrate with Jose Cuervo for Tequila Industry Night. For one night only, Master of Tequila Sonia Espinola de la Llave would be in Toronto hailing from Mundo Cuervo, the brand’s tourist destination in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. She was here to introduce some of Jose Cuervo’s finest tequilas, including Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia, Maestro Dobel, 1800 Tequila and a 250 year old $3000 bottle that was uncorked just for us at the event. The incredible night saw mixologists, buyers and media, all out to see tequila for what it is and what it will be. Peter Hottmann, General Manager of Proximo Spirits Canada was on hand to help share these incredible brands. Peter had this to say, “We are honoured to receive a visit from a tequila expert of Sonia’s stature. Jose Cuervo makes a wide variety fo fine tequilas, many of them still made int he traditional Mexican way that has lived on for centuries. As we get closer to margarita season, Sonia will be presenting some great tequilas that we think Canada will love.” Jose Cuervo produces 30% of the world’s tequila and we here in Toronto will do our part to responsibly enjoy as much as we can.



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