Many times in the year, the city comes to life with a focus on a healthier, happier lifestyle. Whether you’re getting beach-bod ready by putting in hours at your local studio or simply enjoying being active outdoors, the goal is the same: look good, feel good. Lucky for us, Toronto, we have a wide range of health-conscious gurus in our beloved city that have made it their job to encourage and support our summer ambitions. Julie McClure is the owner and founder of Canadian lifestyle brand benourished, which provides all-natural, vegan food and beverage products. The company’s goal is, “…to support healthy lifestyles to the core by creating and distributing über healthy and nutrient-dense food and beverage products that work to optimize health, energy, and vitality.” With just a few years in the business, Julie has created a both promising and memorable brand that has generated a buzz within the health and wellness industry.

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Julie originally went to school for Biology but never stopped her education there. She has since become a yoga trainer and has also studied naturopathic medicine. “ Prior to launching benourished, I spent 10 years working in corporate finance… and subsequently spent two years studying naturopathic medicine while ‘creating’ the concept behind what is now benourished,” Julie explains. With such a wide range of expertise, benourished is an accessible and tangible product of Julie’s academic learning. Julie adds, “It’s a fusion of my love for business and my passion for health and wellness.” Since launching benourished in the fall of 2011, with a “direct-to-home and office delivery service”, benourished can now be found through a number of retailers in Toronto including: Bloor Street Market, Loblaws (60 Carlton), and Pusateri’s Fine Foods.

Although Julie had all the right tools for the makings of a successful business, it was her own personal battle with migraines that helped propel her to seek a natural solution to the chronic health issue that did not seem to be reduced by pain killers or anticipatory medication. Julie reveals, “I decided to step out of the world of finance for a year to travel and to focus on my health. During this time, I researched and experimented with numerous raw food diets, pressed juice, and raw food cleansing programs and anti-inflammatory/alkaline diets that ultimately resulted in breaking the vicious migraine cycle and alleviating the chronic nature of this debilitating health problem.” Tried, tested, and true, Julie incorporates her own cleansing programs and raw diets into her brand, acting as living proof of the lifestyle benourished can help us all achieve.

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When asked what she might tackle next after her success with benourished, Julie replies, “When I grow up from benourished, a few of my aspirations include…spending some time volunteering in developing countries with charities/women who want to create micro/small businesses that will provide for their families, provide more access to education, and ultimately lead to a higher quality of life.” Before Julie sets off to change the world, take advantage of her zest for life and commitment to helping us all be happy, be healthy and of course, benourished.