PRODUCT Toronto Issue 10 (89)Toronto’s art world is exploding. In addition to hosting some of Canada’s most talked-about festivals, the city has been blanketed by galleries large and small. However, too many Torontonians still feel as though they are on the outside looking in, with their noses pressed up against the glass of one of the most vibrant and interesting art scenes in the country. The My City Muse app is opening Toronto’s galleries to a new group of Torontonians and using a mobile platform to bring the art scene into the digital age.

My City Muse app creator, Sean Green has given urbanites a platform that allows “them to visually preview art work that is currently being exhibited on brick and mortar walls around the city.” Users simply download the free app from iTunes and they are instantly immersed in a scroll of works being displayed all over Toronto and around the world. In one click, they can get information about the each piece including navigation that will bring them to the works with which they have genuinely fallen in love. Sean’s goal is to make art in every city “more approachable.” By opening up the galleries to a mobile platform, My City Muse allows users “to see what’s inside and spend their time going to a particular space that has pieces that appeal to them.”PRODUCT Toronto Issue 10 (91)

Sean developed his idea in late summer 2012. He knew that he “wanted to do something in the mobile state,” but wasn’t sure in which direction to take it until coffee with a friend gave him the idea that would change his life. She wanted to make a change, moving from her corporate job to become an artist. Sean immediately asked, “How are you going to market yourself?” Sean realized that while the galleries act as agents for artists, they had been slow to adapt to the digital world. He found that there was “no neat, easy, and comprehensive way of pulling up an app and being ‘dialed into’ your art scene.” Sean began meeting with every collector, artist, and gallery that would take his call, trying to find a way to create a “bridge between social media and the art world.” The idea for My City Muse was born, and it has quickly become the must-have app for anyone who wants to be more involved with art in their city.

PRODUCT Toronto Issue 10 (88)Sean hopes to bring My City Muse to every city around the world. He says that Toronto is “a great ground to cultivate relationships, develop the app [and] get great feedback.” He describes the city as “honest,” and because it is still developing in so many ways, “you always feel like you’re working toward something.” My City Muse seized an opportunity to merge social media and an electrifying art scene with captivating results.

PRODUCT Toronto Issue 10 (90)There is an overflow of awe inspiring art all around you, download the My City Muse app and find the pieces with which you will fall in love. Sean is currently preparing to make a big push into the United States and hopes to use that as a “sounding board” to cross into Europe. At home or abroad, My City Muse will always be your guide for great art near you.