In contemporary terms and a convenient definition a monster comes with the notion of evil. When its origins are taken into account, a monster could be something which would demonstrate and instruct in lessons of ignorance. The monster teaches many lessons to the mob, eventually facilitating a crowd to take form and forge a common goal.
There is a monster within all of us, something frighteningly able and often misunderstood. This monster is unique to the individual and when unleashed by our own perceived limitations, it can see our choices more clearly defined than we ever could. A monster has the terrible luxury of seeing choices in black and white. Survival is the twin of success and having your monster establish the priorities will maintain order resulting in your direction becoming instinct. Give yourself a fighting chance and embrace your monster.

PRODUCT Toronto Issue 10 (93)


Embracing your monster will create an appetite for your destiny and you will begin to worship ideas. Coveting their origin and applauding their execution. When you idolize ideas and their creators you understand how integral both are to evolution. Ideas make us accountable to the greater good. Evaluating and accepting instead of dismissing and vilifying that which is new & different makes way for an actual presence, a time of consciousness ripe with celebration. Each of your ideas has a time and when they align with the right moment, you will see what you are ultimately capable of. This is the time for ideas, the world’s fair of conscious living. “On the brink of” doesn’t cut it anymore, we want results in our lifetime. Today we demand our mutual success and account for all our blessings. Today we will come to life, taking what is ours and giving what we can.
My monster like Frankenstein`s Adam comes to life with an electric charge. I am made from the ideas I have and the collaborations I engage in. There are many parts to my monster and each works together with one another to inspire life, reanimating motivation and harnessing the ideas found in lightning.


PRODUCT Toronto Issue 10 (92)


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