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When the opportunity to interview Oliver and Sebastian Pigott came up, I jumped at the chance. Nay, I stepped over everyone else and snatched the assignment away from every other PRODUCT writer who showed interest. As soon as I “sat down” with them via conference call, their passion and verve blared across the speakers. I was legitimately impressed.

Oliver and Sebastian are truly children of the world. At ages five (Sebastian) and eight (Oliver), they lived in Portugal. After sojourns in London, England and Los Angeles, California, eventually, the brothers found their way back to their native Toronto. But it was in Portugal that Oliver picked up his first musical instrument – his father’s blues harmonica, on which he taught himself to play his favorites from his dad’s vinyl collection. And oh yeah, the boy could sing. His rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow at a local event was a testament of his vocal talent. At the age of 10, Sebastian got his first guitar and was mesmerized.  Soon after, the brothers were witnessed playing karaoke gigs at a local bar and performing with a cover band.

PRODUCT Toronto (19)When asked when they knew that music was something they wanted to pursue professionally, Oliver said, “I knew I wasn’t going to university and Sebastian pursued acting passionately.” Sebastian added, “[Oliver] wanted to be a rock and roll star when he was seven. I wanted to be a baseball player or [go into] acting. I’m grateful life led me down the right road and that I had the courage to follow my hunch, my muse.”

The right road indeed. In 2008, while Oliver was living in London, he was swayed by Sebastian to return to Toronto so the pair could try out for the final season of Canadian Idol, where they both subsequently landed in the Top Ten. They went on to release their first album, Pigottry, in 2009. It was a compilation of songs that the brothers had written over the years, introducing new fans to their music. When asked about the differences between their first album and their hot-off-the-press sophomore release, Age of Peace, the brothers explained with ease. While Pigottry was very DIY (do-it-yourself), Age of Peace was recorded in one of the top studios in Canada, with a full band that rehearsed and recorded together.  More importantly, “the first album had no songs that we wrote together because the project didn’t exist in its current form,” according to Oliver, who also pointed out that the idea of starting a band together didn’t germinate until their success on Canadian Idol. “This record is a real Pigott Brothers record,” affirmed Sebastian.

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What is a real Pigott Brothers record? As a matter of fact, the Pigotts have something substantive to offer to their worldwide network of fans. There are messages of peace, hope, and healing embedded in their music and lyrics. The Pigott Brothers are, in deed, humanitarians and forces of change. Oliver is outspoken about his vehement opposition to bullying. Sebastian has participated in a political panel in Toronto called, Youth Nation. The brothers perform at local charity events and rallies. One of their deeply inspirational songs, Walk You to the Water, was recently used in an advert by Renascent – Canada’s leading alcohol and drug treatment centre. And so, what more is there to say but that with their grace, gratitude, and love of life, the Pigott Brothers are as good as it gets in this city – and around the globe.

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