PRODUCT Toronto Issue 7 (32)

As a leader, something that I have always been, I find it very difficult to not be affected by everything around me. I choose to detach myself from the prevention of purpose. I allow my hand to be slapped away dozens of times by those perceived to be in a position of need. I don’t even realize to take it away, until it is all been but bitten off by the razor sharp teeth of frustration. I get it, not everyone wants help. I, on the other hand want to need help. And so, I enlist it and in turn help those whose hands are poised with positive convictions.

Nobody said it was easy.  In fact, I am pretty sure we shouted from the rooftops just how difficult it would be to function today. We are bombarded by information and are left to sort it out for ourselves. We are forced to look at what we can only conceive as pure evil when faced with the daily tragedies that hit our lives and the lives we witness. Our emotions and memories have become less meaningful despite being perfectly timelined for us; and the pursuit of purpose has become the pinnacle of our existence.

In history, purpose was handed out for the most part. Only those that fought their original purpose could possibly identify with a society like ours – a society that has stunted its own growth and evolution by exhaustively rehashing the most simple of ideals – from blanket equality and freedom to supporting arts and culture. Is education important, of course it is. I will not claim to be one of the most intellectual political minds, but I will state that in my own way, I will do what I can to rectify the stupidities of the world we live in. By providing case studies that have become the profiles that carve out the lives of the sentient in Toronto – different, yet similar in their treatment of the positive. By getting back on that rooftop and shouting so that everyone can hear just how not alone they are. By constantly reminding that what we do is important and how we live in this world makes all the difference. We may not all be able to get hands on in our support but there is no excuse for being a part of the negative.

It doesn’t matter how many good or bad things happen, we always seem to forget how we deal with a situation and then react, slightly surprised at the outcome.  You will want to be negative. You will want to struggle with feeling okay. But if you give into your fear, anger, or disappointment, you will most certainly disconnect and alienate yourself from true success. So unlock your own emotions and abilities. You are in charge and accountable for your every step and stall in life.