PRODUCT Toronto (27) (5)It seems as though we are amidst the beginnings of a fantastic new movement: an ardor to create a host of dapper gentlemen – each with their own distinct style. As a participant, I’ve come to the realization that behind this movement is this simple notion: dress for success and the sky truly is the limit.  As men, we have traded in our carpenter denim and T-shirts for suits and bowties. We are groomed and we are tailored because we know that when we look our best, we feel our best. Thinking locally, we’ve come to know and love an array of menswear retailers within our city that share this mentality and passion for fashion. The PRODUCT team came across a charismatic group of young professionals who have made it their goal not only to participate in the Dapper Movement, but also to give the men in our city a visual voice with a completely customized look. They have a growing, Toronto-based company called MADE Clothing Co. And their success is directly attributed to yours.

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Tomas Romita and the MADE team came to our studio to give us the details on how MADE is working to revolutionize menswear in Toronto. “Men are also interested in looking good but so many men don’t like to shop…If you have a volition to look good, we’ll make it happen.” It all began just over a year ago when Tomas quit his job in accounting to start a new business. As a graduate of Queen’s University, Tomas has a background in commerce, which he states gave him the “financial literacy” to start the company. “It’s hard work but exciting…your job has to be exciting,” he says with a smile as he adjusts his tie (1/2 Windsor, perfectly executed). MADE is dressing the men in our city with quality, 100% Italian fabrics – and is providing a rare retail experience. Tomas explains, “There’s a return to more personal business. We’re about making that one-on-one connection and fostering a relationship.” MADE offers convenience by being a mobile company – meeting their clients just about anywhere to accommodate their busy schedules. “We bring the product to him and provide an easy, conversational selection process to help him look his best.”

The process is easy and I dare say, quite fun. It all begins with a conversation over the phone where a MADE representative gets a feel for their client, outlining their needs, wants and lifestyle – all in preparation for an in-person meeting. PRODUCT was amazed by the bold collection and the range of classic to modern aesthetics and floored by the selection of patterns, linings, buttons, lapels, vents, shirts, collars etc., all while getting an education in the ingredients of a custom-made suit. Tomas asks about any injuries or “tickle-ish” spots and how those details might affect how one moves in a suit.

MADE values creating a custom look that encompasses the consideration of the physical and psychological needs of their clients.  With this in mind, the team structures the in-person meeting into three main parts: Fabric/Detail Selection, Fitting and Measurements, and Accessory Selection. Tomas adds that the process, although engaging, can be tiring and that measurement is strategically placed in the middle to give their client a mental break. It is this dedication to constantly keeping their client comfortable and at ease that makes the MADE process most admirable. The look is polished with a wide selection of ties, Happy Socks, pocket squares, and the cunning option to add a monogram. That’s right, a monogram. Because nothing says custom made like your initials stitched into your suit!

The process is complete with an overview of client selections, a MADE “Fit Guarantee”, and of course, the option to refer your friends for their own personalized look facilitated by MADE. This is our referral to you, Toronto. We’ve had the MADE experience and we are more than enthusiastic about their longevity in the fashion market.  As co-founders of Toronto’s Dapper Movement, we are pleased to celebrate your new look, as you dare to “up-swag” neighbouring fashion capitals. Go ahead, you have our approval. Customize your look and have it MADE.