From the dark Montreal underground came the beginning of Scott Fordham’s hard-hitting career in choreography and dance, a career that keeps him inspired, and one that challenges. “The beauty of being inspired as an artist is that it comes from out of the blue, whether it be people-watching, sitting by water, or a song playing in the grocery store…You just have to take it and run with it…fast…because sometimes the idea escapes you…”

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In 2007, Scott moved to Toronto after his decision to turn dance into a career. Since then, he has worked with many recording artists including Janelle Monae, Deborah Cox, and Jully Black. His work has been televised on Global, Much Music, MTV, Fashion Television, and City TV.

“To me, the difference between choreography and dance, put simply, is with choreography you create and conceptualize movement in an attempt to tell a story or bring life to an idea. As a dancer, you use your body, your emotions and training to breathe life into a choreographer’s ideas. Choreographers script the story, dancers interpret and perform it.”

On choreographers: “For a choreographer to be successful, it is important to stay in your lane. Broaden your lane, sure, but know what you have to offer and where you want to go. Do not try to be the next so-and-so because you have lost the race before the green flag appears. Lastly, do not create what people want to see, make them want to see more of what you have created!”

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On dancers: “To be taken seriously as a dancer in Toronto, like anywhere, you need to conduct yourself in a professional manner. There are so many talented dancers in this city that flock here from all over Canada, including myself (Montreal) that are hungry for work.”

Scott is currently working on “LIMITLESS: ON FIRE,” which is a follow-up to his first major solo production, “LIMITLESS,” put on a year ago. He has cast 25 of Canada’s most exciting dancers to realize his 90 minute exhibition of dancehall, jazz funk, and hip hop which will be hosted by Mojo Lounge, a new venue on Dundas St. West on April 13th. “Down the road, on top of continuing to perform and being in front of the lens, I will be producing/directing/choreographing major spectacles, musicals even! I enjoy the commercial side of dance but nothing beats a live show and the immediate exchange between performer and audience. It’s magical!”