Katie Boland_PRODUCT-1Katie Boland walked into the PRODUCT studio with a coffee in hand and a rhinestone purse hanging on her shoulder. I sat patiently on the couch, amidst the busy production team and racks of Snow White-themed, vintage clothing – eagerly anticipating my heart-to-heart with the porcelain-skinned beauty. After all, Katie has now starred in 40 films – some of them alongside Kat Dennings and Amy Adams, and is the genius behind the web series, Long Story Short, directed by her mother and friend, Gail Harvey. Katie is also known for her book collection, Eat Your Heart Out, which she compiled during her university studies.Katie Boland_PRODUCT-3

It isn’t very surprising that Katie ended up in showbiz after having been exposed to the industry by Gail, known for capturing Liz Taylor and Sophia Loren, and for directing hit shows like Lost Girl. “[Gail] didn’t want me to be an actress at first,” Katie confided, as her hair was being braided, “she thought the industry was unhealthy for children…but then I convinced her to let me act.” Shortly after, Gail became Katie’s mentor and since then, the duo has collaborated on various projects including Original Sin – an upcoming film based on the photographer, Diane Arbus. “We work together often, and now, I finally have my own point of view, so I can also bring something to the table.”Katie Boland_PRODUCT-2

Indeed. Kate brings more than enough to the table which is why she won the 2011 Rising Star award at tiff, and was the four-time nominee for the Young Artist Awards in Los Angeles, whose nominees include Julia Roberts and Anna Paquin. It is also why she’s confident enough to take on more challenging roles like her portrayal of an autistic character in the feature, Dancing Trees. “[In acting] I like that you have an excuse to find out about others, and get into their brains,” she tells me excitedly, leaning back in her chair, as she moves on to getting her make-up done. “I like drawing parallels between myself or my friends, and the character…or all together doing this [exploration] instinctively and hypothetically.” She also confides that she often gets inspired by relationships, Tavi Gevinson’s fashion blog, and digital photography, which she intends to tackle in the near-future.

As we move from coffee to tea, we exchange promises. I promise to check out her entire empire, including her blog (comedy-and-drama.blogspot.ca) and all four of her upcoming releases (Sex After Kids, Ferocious, Original Sin, and Gerontophilia). Katie promises to read my poetry. The moment is genuine. And so, we conclude the interview with a smile followed by some more stunning poses by Katie in front of the camera. With her charismatic energy, she nails the photo shoot, all while grooving to the eclectic background music – a swaying interplay of the Disney soundtrack and of course, some 90s hip-hop music (Katie’s favourite genre.) As I watch her in her element, I can’t help but think, “Oh, that’s so Katie!”

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