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How many times have you been outside, walking and talking on your phone while your naked hands freeze, blistering from the frigid Canadian weather? It’s a unique, first-world problem experienced only in a few bitterly cold climates like Toronto’s.

Understanding the tribulations of the Canadian, Richard Choo and Simon Ip have created a new line of leather gloves that work seamlessly with any touchscreen. As Plato famously stated, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Like their gloves, which represent a delicate equilibrium between function and style, the men behind Quill & Tine achieved success through a careful balancing act. Simon’s grounded, reliable functionality impeccably balances Richard’s energetic creativity and design. Their backgrounds also show their diversity. Simon was born in Paris and has lived all over the world. He came to Toronto to complete a Master’s degree at the University of Toronto and never left. In contrast, Richard was born and raised in Toronto, completing his degree at Ryerson University.

Together, they are Quill & Tine. Even their name is a balancing act between two essential components of their business. A quill is a writing instrument that was used prior to the invention of the pen and represents communication in our modern society. Quill & Tine leather gloves allow their wearer to use their finger like a quill on their smartphone, sending messages with the touch of a gloved finger. Tine is the tip of an elk antler. As a symbol of nature and the woods, Tine represents the company’s Canadian origin.

Their company, Quill & Tine, is the first Canadian brand that offers this type of product. In contrast to sports brands that offer active wear made from synthetic materials (that typically compromise on style), Quill & Tine has developed gloves made from a distinctive type of leather treated specifically to work on touchscreens. Their gloves maintain a professional and fashionable style and are able to fill a personal and market-wide void for gloves that have a beautiful design, quality craftsmanship, and usability.

Quill & Tine’s gloves offer a new option for those seeking both function and style while affording you the ability to play on your phone wherever you go. The leather used mimics the human touch by using a nanotechnology that gives the leather its own field that is interactive with touchscreens. The technology is ingrained during the leather’s tanning process.

Quill & Tine currently have three styles of leather gloves meant to target three distinct lifestyles, with more on the way. The classic leather work glove is straightforward and simple, meant for the working professional. The casual city glove is leisurewear designed for the creative, informal individual running errands around the city. Finally, their banner product, the driver glove, is a tartan (plaid) style that is chic, fashionable, and distinct.

As proud Torontonians, Richard and Simon are a driven and ambitious duo who innovate and push for better things to make our city great. They have a keen affinity to Toronto, praising the friends, connections and relationships they have developed together. They work exceedingly hard, designing and testing each glove, ensuring that it works on touchscreens. Like Toronto, they are constantly seeking the important balance that will breed success. International and local. Function and style. Design and practicality. Quill & Tine.

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