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Fortunately what I hold value in, every victory I see myself having and each beautiful moment in my life will be born of contest. I despise the drama and the competition but am a huge fan of the ability to be great.

In each of these considerable situations we must take your place center stage and come to terms with your own irrelevance. You are replaceable. Your safety comes from within. Reinvention, work ethic, momentum and talent will determine just how long you stay in the game.

To the fallen, remember you can get up. To the standing, try to consider that you will fall. Make your labors count. Be in demand; on your toes and off your ass. Everything is sacred, you will enjoy your time finding your bliss and when you get there you’ll spend your time looking for your balance. If you plan on giving up, it doesn’t matter, you’ll just get eaten up along the way. It’s up to you if you are going to sit this one out. You are probably the only one that really knows just how much of a success or failure you yourself can truly be. In others, assumptions will be made, but the facts delivered.

If no one is listening, it’s time for you to pause, clarify your message or pipe down and listen to someone else. Continuous delusions of entitlement will no doubt sever your ability to shape and influence. In your most humble state you will definitely find your most enlightened offering. Be grateful and have the maximum respect for both what you have had to do and what challenges lay ahead.